Leadership Diversity


The Leadership Diversity ministry was established to affirm and support congregations of the CRC as they work toward becoming more inclusive environments, welcoming the calling and use of gifts in women and people of various ethnicities at all levels of leadership. Read More »

Women’s Ministry

Affirming and supporting women at all levels of leadership, this ministry helps CRC’s create a culture in which, together, men and women thrive in pursuit of God’s mission in the world. Learn More »

East Meets West

Reflecting together on the ministry challenges faced by those leading in an immigrant context among Chinese speaking people in North America. View More »

Native American and First Nations

Assisting Native Americans and First Nations people with establishing churches in their local communities. Read More »


Helping Korean-American & Korean-Canadian congregations including 1st, 1.5, and 2nd generation leaders serving in the U.S., Canada, and global regions. Discover More »

South East Asian Pacific Islander

Working with congregations that represent Laotians, Samoans, Hmong, Cambodians, Vietnamese, and Filipino believers from various regions in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Learn More »

Black and Reformed Leadership Network

Equipping and supporting African diaspora leaders to lead effectively in their ministry contexts and in God's world. Discover More »

Consejo Latino

Encouraging and equipping Latino leaders and members of their congregations to advance the kingdom of God in their communities. Read More »