Race Relations

We resource Christian Reformed members and congregations as you dismantle the causes and effects of racism within the body of believers and throughout the world.
We help you to live as God’s diverse and unified family.

“To be in Christ is to be reconciled with one another as a community of racially and ethnically diverse people of God.”
(God’s Diverse and Unified Family, CRC Synod 1992)

Statement and Actions

The CRC denomination in US and Canada have entered into a moment of national conversations on racism. Read the statement we co-wrote and act on it! There is a list of actions you can perform personally, communally, and systemically to help dismantle the causes and effects of racism in our nations.

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U.S. Resource: Racism: Looking Back, Moving Forward

This workshop takes participants through the foundations of racism and whiteness by putting together a timeline that includes laws and acts designed to oppress certain groups of people. Although this workshop is not about how to dismantle racism, it will provide enough information about the history of racism to help participants begin or continue their journey towards dismantling racism.

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Our Team

We are ready to help your congregation to live more fully into God’s call for the Church!

Contact a staff member from the list below, or email race@crcna.org and we’ll direct it to the correct team member.

Mark Stephenson
Interim Director

Idella Winfield

Administrative Specialist

Rudy Gonzalez


Viviana Cornejo