We’re glad you’re here and hope that these pages will help answer any questions you have about the Christian Reformed Church or, more generally, what it means to be a Christian.

The Christian Reformed Church (CRC) includes just over one thousand congregations across the United States and Canada. About 75 percent of the churches are in the United States; 25 percent are in Canada. We’re one of only a few binational denominations: rather than split into different churches at the 49th parallel, we’re united.

Almost 230,000 people belong to the CRCNA—not a large number when you consider the population of our two countries. But by God’s grace we can accomplish a lot when we work together.

Explore what it means to be a Christian, and what it means to be Reformed.
As people called by God, we gather to praise God, listen to him, and respond. We nurture...
The ministry plan of the Christian Reformed Church.
We call ourselves the Christian Reformed Church in North America. What does that mean?
Links to membership statistics, the annual printed Yearbook, Yearbook Supplement, and online listings of ministers, commissioned pastors, churches, classes, and more. 
The Christian Reformed Church has its roots in the Reformation of the sixteenth century.
The Christian Reformed Church in North America has two governance structures - one ecclesiastical, the other for our ministries.
We have about 1,000 congregations across the US and Canada. Find one near you.